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Frequent Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent asked questions from our top users and our replies to them.

Naijatraffic Digital offers a reliable digital promotion and service from real users of Spotify and other streaming platforms, where you could gain more visibility from new audiences. When you buy the services from us you get guaranteed results with quick delivery.

the website is created to help musicians, Social media influencers, and business owners to gain media visibility through our result-oriented digital strategist and private streaming ads marketing campaign and also increase the social media activities of business owners for sales effectiveness

Digital strategists and digital marketing are what we do.(we develop, we sell). We have optimized methods over the past 5 years to keep costs at the lowest possible. Our production-costs drop as our production volume and connections increase. We cannot go into too much detail as to the nature of our production, for competitive reasons.

There are many companies like ours out there, and many are fake or offer cheap and nasty services. This can put a lot of our customers off, being victims of this in the past.

But we here at Naijatraffic Digital try to run everything differently, and we try to be as transparent as possible with all our customers! Rest assured the main thing is where does your money go? we have had a good standing with our payment partners for over 5 years, and yes we are verified. We wouldn't want to waste such good standing with our payment processor, over pretending to sell items, or selling rubbish!

Our parent company, "Naijatraffic" have been in this industry since 2018, and has established various Subsidiaries across the country, in order to become a reputable company, we have worked for many musicians, politicians, and from small firms to large firms by offering superior digital marketing services, low price at all times and 24/7 excellent customer support.

We also believe in giving our customers what they want, being a Nigerian-based company, we have had all the training from the very best in the industry, with most of our team studying in college and university. We offer only the best. If in doubt give us a call anytime and speak to us!

If you have the talent, we can help you get to the top!

Our Premium Spotify promotion has made it easy to make your music fly, Becoming viral on Spotify charts that Contain a list of the top most streamed music online, and by buying our promotional services you could build trust among people and gain more popularity. Spotify chart consists of the songs that are viral and streamed frequently by millions of users. Spotify is one of the best platforms for exhibiting the talent of both upcoming and popular artists. On any other platform, it takes more time and energy to get to that spots.

When you buy Spotify promotions, you will be able to find the right Spotify fan base and music listeners across the world. Buying helps in maximizing the reach among the rest of the users within a short period of time.

Buy Spotify streams to look and be more successful by getting more reputation and also you will be able to gain royalties. The best platform to promote and get revenue from your music royalties. The benefit is getting your audience's attention and loyalty to your account. Targeted streaming ads campaign allows for reaching a set of targeted audiences.

Spotify play helps improve the visibility of your track better. When a song gets more plays on Spotify then so many audiences will be able to visit in a quick time increasing the popularity of the account. You also improve your streaming Royalty metrics with more amount of Spotify play.

We offer the best and the most reliable service in the digital space, so your account details are safe and secure. you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned or removed. We assure your data is private. Purchasing from us is a simple and easy process. All the services are offered by real users of Spotify.

No password is required from your side and the details that we require would be your Spotify username and mail id for delivering the service. Your account privacy is safe and maintained.

We don't recommend running simultaneous campaigns.

You can place multiple orders with different links at once using the mass order feature

The Drip-feed feature helps build engagement on your account at the speed you want. For example, you order 3000 Audiomack streams on your songs. It's possible to get all 3000 at once or make the process gradual: for example, 300 streams per day during 10 days.

When it comes to online streaming platforms, what matters more than anything else is popularity. How well do people know the platform and the kind of reach your music is getting? It takes time and effort for people to notice you, but there is a way to make that convenient and easier.